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Bonaire, a hidden gem in the Caribbean, offers a plethora of resources online through its official websites. From government services to tourism details, conservation efforts, and beyond, each website serves as a portal to the island's rich offerings and vital information. Whether you're planning a visit or seeking specific governmental services, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the essential websites associated with Bonaire.

Tourist Tax

Bonaire's online tourist tax system streamlines the process for visitors to comply with the mandatory tourist tax. This efficient platform facilitates the management of tax contributions, ensuring that tourists adhere to local regulations and contribute to the sustainable development of the island's tourism infrastructure. By using this system, visitors can quickly and easily fulfill their financial obligations, which helps fund environmental conservation and community projects. Additionally, the platform provides a transparent record of payments, enhancing accountability and ease of access for users.

For detailed guidance on how to use the system and where to find the official link, please refer to our comprehensive visitor entry tax article on our website.

Official government websites

The official government website of Bonaire ( is a primary resource for residents and visitors alike. It offers access to administrative services, public announcements, and legal information. This portal is crucial for staying updated with the latest policies, accessing public services, and understanding local laws and regulations.

Washington Slagbaai Park

Official website of STINAPA

STINAPA Bonaire is essential for the conservation of Bonaire’s natural habitats, both terrestrial and marine. This agency manages the Bonaire National Marine Park and other protected areas, requiring visitors to purchase a Nature Fee to access these sites. The fee supports conservation, park maintenance, and environmental education efforts. It is mandatory for all users of the national parks, including divers, who can purchase the fee online or at various points on the island. This contribution directly aids in preserving Bonaire's natural beauty and biodiversity for future generations. For more details, read our article about nature fee with official link to the Stinapa website.

Always refer to official sources

Bonaire's official websites collectively provide a gateway to the island’s vibrant life, its governmental services, and its commitment to sustainable tourism and conservation. Whether you are a visitor planning your vacation or a resident needing access to various services, these websites will guide you through all that Bonaire has to offer. For the most authentic and up-to-date information, always refer to these official sources.